Monday, May 21, 2012

Take Down: Bring To The Ground

Take down: If somebody or something takes down another person or an animal they immobilize them by hitting or shooting so that they fall down to the ground.
Coordinates of the English Language

The former wrestler took down the robber with a sleeper hold.


Ways to use the phrasal verb take down:

  • All I know is that he takes down criminals very easily.
  • I'm telling you, she can take down someone with martial arts.
  • Fortunately the killer was taken down by his own gun.
  • That was when I though "I'm going to take down that mugger". 
  • We took down the aggressor with our bare hands.
  • A sleeper hold is a move used in many martial arts.
  • With your bare hands is the same as with your own hands.
  • A muger is someone who attacks people in the streets in order to steal their money.

Take down has several other meanings.

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