Thursday, May 17, 2012

Go Through The Roof: To Increase Quickly

Go through the roof: If the price or cost of something goes through the roof, it quickly increases to a very high level. It's also possible to use this expression with a number of different words meaning the same. Example sentences are shown below.

  • The cost of builder has rapidly become very expensive
  • If the price of food goes through the roof again...
  • If by chance, the insurance costs go through the roof...
  • I'm almost certain that the gas price will go through the roof very soon.  
  • The price of oil is going though the roof once again. 
  • The price of rubber has gone through the roof as usual.
  • The youth unemployment has gone through the roof in some cities [it has increased very quickly]
  • As always, the rents in São Paulo have gone through the roof [not exactly the prices but the rents themselves]

I hope it helps!

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