Sunday, May 27, 2012

Have A Crush On Somebody: To Feel Attracted To

Have a crush on somebody: You have a crush on someone when you like that person, feel attracted to them and think about them in a romantic way.

           How do you tell if you have a crush on somebody?

Ways to use have a crush on somebody:

  • I'm almost 100% sure that she has a crush on you.
  • It's obvious that  you have a huge crush on that girl.
  • You can really tell if someone has a crush on you or is just being good friend.
  • A: She's got a crush on you[she has got]. B: You telling me.
  • How do you tell also means how do you know.
  • 100% in words[in full] you call it "one hundred per cent".
  • She has got a crush has the same meaning of she has a crush.
  • You telling me is the same as I know that.
  • You can really tell means the same as you don't really know.

Hope you enjoy!

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