Sunday, May 27, 2012

Get Into Something (Bad): To Get Involved In

Get into something: You get into something when you start getting involved with it or taking part in it. It's usually something bad such as trouble, a fight or an argument with someone. Also, people may get you into something bad  or get you out of it.

How  get (sb) into something (bad) can be is used:

  • Your stupidity got us into this situation.
  • Now clean up your mess and get us out of this.
  • I finally got into college.
  • It was about time, they get her out of it.
  • I'm still wondering how she got us into this.
  • For now, I'm trying to get into that conversation. [to become involved in]
  • Clean up your mess is the same as saying clean your mess.
  • It was about time means it was time for you to do something.
  • I'm still wondering has the same meaning as I'm still asking myself.
  • For now can be replaced with for the moment.

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