Friday, May 25, 2012

(Just) For The Record: Just To Remember You

(Just) for the record: You say for the record or just for the record when you want people to remember or take into consideration what you are saying because you think it is important to be mentioned.

Just for record is a very popular expression and it certainly should be incorporated into you daily vocabulary.

  • Just for the record, I was right about her. [I just want you to kow that ...]
  • Just for the record, this film is going to be released on Blue-Ray.
  • Just for the record, I have not broken any law.
  • And for the record, we will not tolerate nasty behaviour.
  • Nasty behaviour is the same as unpleasant behaviour.
  • Take into consideration can be replaced with take into account
  • "is coming out" is the same as "is going to be released"


Hope you enjoy!

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